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of all thefts are committed by domestic staff


Less than 10% of domestic staff are registered with the police


Of all Driving licenses issued in India are fake


Rs.250 is the cost for obtaining a fake ID card

How Do We Do It?

Who They Are?

We authenticate government issued identity cards like Aadhar card, Voter ID, PAN card or driving licenses

Where They Live?

We validate current and permanent address of the person so you know where to find them

What's Their History?

We check the courts as per their addresses to see if they have a criminal history

Where Have They Worked?

We find out about their performance and details of their last job with their past employer.

Why Us?

VerifyKaro is a product of InstaVeritas. InstaVeritas is one of India's leading background verification company. The company processes thousands of checks every month to save many companies from the consequences of letting in a bad hire through their doors. We believe in safety first and so do our customers.

What some of your neighbours are saying

“After a series of bad experiences with drivers, including my grandfather’s car being stolen, I decided to get a proper background verification done for my driver. I found VerifyKaro and now I know his address and identity and know that he doesn’t have a criminal past. They also gave me a reference from his previous employer which relieved my fears.”

Aman, Mumbai

“Being an expat in a new country, I am always worried about my safety and employing complete strangers. With VerifyKaro, I am assured that I know my staff’s identity and their past.”

Rachel, Delhi

“With the rising number of thefts and kidnappings in the city and as a single mother, I wanted to be sure of the people I let into my house to take care of son. After I moved to Delhi, I called VerifyKaro and they did a complete background check of my new maid and that too in just a week.”

Sunita, Delhi