Some frequently asked questions

For any information or queries, please feel free to contact us at 011-26942424 or email us at

General Questions

What do we know about the people we let into our house every day? Do we trust our domestic staff? What can we do if an incident happens? These are the key questions VerifyKaro was built on. With an increasing number of crimes committed by domestic helps every year and only 10% registered with the police, background verification is of utmost importance. With VerifyKaro’s background verification check, you will know if the person you have hired is who they say they are, their addresses and their past.
Ideally the background check should be conducted as a part of the interviewing process, before the person is hired. However, it’s never too late, you can also get checks done on existing helps.
You can verify your maid, driver, cook, nanny, gardener, or any other staff working at your house.
VerifyKaro does a comprehensive check of the following –
  • Identity Check
  • Permanent Address
  • Current/Most Recent Address
  • Past Employment
  • Identity Check- we verify the credentials provided by the candidate with the respective government records and databases.
  • Permanent Address Check- we conduct a letter verification through Indiapost wherein the address is verified though a unique reference number that has to be relayed back to us by a family member of the candidate.
  • Current Address Check- we conduct a physical check wherein a field executive visits the address provided and asks for references from family members or neighbours.
  • Past Employment Check- we contact the previous employer of the candidate and find out information regarding the candidates past record, character, salary, duties, reason for leaving and other remarks.
  • VerifyKaro is an arm of InstaVeritas India Pvt. Ltd. Having successfully conducted over 20,000 checks on employees of notable companies such as Ola, Dominos and Pepperfry among many others, InstaVeritas decided to bring verification to the common man and provide background verification of household staff at an affordable price. Plus, we guarantee that our 3 step process is the easiest way to verify!
    Yes. You need the consent of the person being verified to help facilitate a smooth verification process. Please note that a successful verification can only be completed with due cooperation of the candidate.
    We process checks across India.
    VerifyKaro takes 7 working days to complete the entire verification process.
    The report will be mailed to you within 7 working days. For a status update of your check, please contact us at 011-26942424 or email us at
    The final report includes detailed descriptions of all the checks conducted and the results obtained. We also include two copies of VerifyKaro “Verified” certificates (one for you and one for the candidate) for future reference.
    [Sample report]
    Yes, a hardcopy of the final report will be sent to your postal address.
    In case you have made an online payment, we will also send you softcopy of the preliminary report on your registered email.

    Submitting A Verification Request

    You can initiate a check by filling in the 3 step registration form on our homepage. Simply fill in the required details of yourself, the person you want to verify and submit a photo of their government ID proof (Aadhar card, Driving License or Voter ID).
    Alternatively, you can initiate a check by calling us at 011-26942424. Make sure you have the number of the government ID proof of the person you want to check at hand.
    The details we require are your name, contact number, email and postal address. For the person you want to verify, we require their name, contact number, their designation (maid, driver, cook, etc.) and their ID proof details.
    To initiate a check, we require a photo of the candidate’s government issued ID. The accepted documents are Aadhaar card, Voter ID card or Driving License. We do NOT accept PAN cards or ration cards. You will be asked to attach a photo of the ID proof while completing the registration. Alternatively, you can relay the ID proof number by calling us at ____ or emailing us at


    After you complete the 3 step registration form, you will be directed to a payment page. You can pay for your check online through our payment gateway or by Cash on Delivery..
    If you opt for Cash on Delivery, the payment will be collected when the report is delivered to your house
    The complete background check costs Rs.799.
    Service tax of 14.5% is applicable per check.