Instaveritas Terms and Conditions

The User has recruited or is recruiting employees and for security, statutory and other purposes, it desires to verify the background. The person under verification shall hereafter be referred to as “Candidate”

InstaVeritas India Private Limited (InstaVeritas) is in the business of providing Employment Background Verification Services to its Clients. The Client herein, would like to engage the services of InstaVeritas for Background Verification Services in India. VerifyKaro is a product of InstaVeritas India Private Limited.


The User hereby certifies that it has obtained a current and valid authorization from the Candidate for conducting a background verification check. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the Candidate has consented to the verification.


InstaVeritas and its third-party data suppliers have compiled information that it has gathered from various sources and databases. While all reasonable care is taken to assure accuracy, InstaVeritas, cannot act a guarantor for the information’s accuracy or completeness.

InstaVeritas and its third-party data suppliers have simply compiled information it has gathered in a structured manner. It does not provide an opinion about the individual or the entity researched nor should it be considered a definitive pronouncement on the Candidate or as a recommendation of whether to hire the Candidate. The information provided herein shall not be construed to constitute as legal opinion; rather it is a compilation of public records and/or data for Client’s internal purposes.

The Client’s management shall be fully and solely responsible for applying independent judgment, with respect to the findings provided in InstaVeritas reports, to make appropriate decisions in relation to the future course of action, if any. InstaVeritas shall not be responsible for the consequences resulting from decisions based on information included in the report.

The records contained in this report are compiled from various databases that are updated at defined, undefined or infrequent intervals, and therefore, may or may not have the most current/updated information. These databases are neither owned nor updated by InstaVeritas and therefore InstaVeritas has no control over the frequency of the update.

Unless otherwise agreed by InstaVeritas in writing, InstaVeritas does not intend to or agree to act as an expert witness or provide an expert opinion or expert testimony during the course of any legal proceeding or be deemed as representing or advocating.

InstaVeritas report is based on the desktop research, email questionnaires, telephonic interviews and fieldwork, where required, and was conducted on the dates stated. InstaVeritas undertakes no responsibility for events or circumstances occurring after the date of completion of the research and enquiries.

Indemnity and Enforcement

Except as expressly provided for under this agreement and any other documents referencing this agreement, each party shall bear its own respective costs, expenses, risks and liabilities arising from its activities hereunder.

Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement to the contrary, neither party will be liable to the other party in respect of any consequential or punitive or economic loss or damage that may arise out of the performance of or breach of this Agreement including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of trade and business interruption.

Relationship of Parties

The Parties acknowledge that they are separate and unaffiliated entities and that the relationship is that of an independent contractor hired on a corporation – to – corporation invoicing basis.

A Party shall not in any way represent itself being in, and neither shall any activity under this agreement be construed as, a partnership, joint venture, employment with the other party. InstaVeritas employees shall represent Client only for the purpose of Employee Background Verification and not for any other reason.

Governing Law, Jurisdiction & Venue

This agreement shall be construed and enforced according to the laws of New Delhi, without giving effect to the conflict of law principles, and shall be deemed to have been made in India.

Before escalation of any dispute legally, both parties shall appoint the services of a mutually acceptable adjudicator to settle the differences in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. The adjudicator shall arbitrate under prevailing act, rules and conventions.


Aadhaar Authentication

  • Aadhaar Verification is conducted via the UIDAI website based on broad demographic information that is made available by the concerned authority.
  • The Age Band, State and Gender are matched with the data that has been provided in the Aadhaar Card. Identifiable information such as name , exact date of birth , address or father name cannot be verified.
  • The phone number registered in the UIDAI website against a specific Aadhaar number is not used as verification criteria..

Driving Licence Check

  • The digital Driving Licenses Check is conducted through various official state and national government databases.
  • These databases used for verification are not owned, operated or updated by InstaVeritas and InstaVeritas cannot act a guarantor for the data’s accuracy or completeness. The data is provided or validate on a as-is available basis.
  • For cases where we do not find an online record – we tag the case as “Record Does Not Exist” / “Unable to Validate”
  • The timeline for the result when processing with the RTO’s is undefined and dependent on the authority.
  • For customers for API integration, Clients needs to provide the License Number and Date of Birth of the License Holder. InstaVeritas provides the data as is available against the particular DL.

PAN Card / Voter ID Card Check

  • For PAN Card data input required for the check is the PAN Card Number and name of the PAN holder. The verification is conducted via NSDL and its channel partners.
  • For Voter ID Card data input is election ID card number and name. The verification is conducted via the Electoral Roll Search in India.

Physical Address Check

  • In the physical address verification, the verification executive visits the address under verification and collects house photographs, verifier signatures, documents and visited person details.
  • Address verification will only start when InstaVeritas has first confirmed the complete details of the address to be verified.
  • Unserviceable addresses for physical visit include Jammu and Kashmir, Naxalite regions, Interior North East regions, Lakshadweep Islands, Andaman and Nicobar islands
  • If Candidate is uncooperative at the time of visit – the case is closed and marked as Candidate Uncooperative
  • If address verification fails and the address is not traceable, InstaVeritas will re-initiate the case post re-confirming the details. The cost of re-verification will be borne by the Client.

Department of Posts Address Check

  • Verification is conducted using the Department of Posts.
  • As proof, InstaVeritas will share the tracking reference number and one copy of the address verification proof will be with the Candidate.

Criminal Court Records Check

  • The court records search is a search of the archived digitized records of the government court database. The search is conducted as per the details provided for a specified name, fathers name, date of birth and address.
  • The Client takes complete responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the data provided for Court Record verification.
  • InstaVeritas works with exact and/or partial matches with constraints of identifiable data points on various databases it uses. Absence of a match does not mean that there is no litigation or regulatory action involving the entity or the individual.
  • The Court Records Verification is a search of the archived digital records of the concerned district courts as per the Candidates provided details. The data is archived up till August 2017.
  • Where Court Record Check is conducted without verification of address, a possibility of not finding a match at the address exists, as the individual may never have resided there.
S. No. Tagging Guideline Explanation
1 No Record Found
  • The database and/or record as queried shows No Record Found as on the date of verification.
  • Exact or partial match has been ruled out as the candidate was below the age of 18 years when the case was registered and the Case was not heard in Juvenile Court.
  • Exact or partial match has been ruled out because the father’s name mentioned in the case file does not match with that of the Candidate.
  • Exact or Partial Match has been ruled out as the address mentioned on the case file is incomplete does not match with the address used for verification.
2 Possible Record Found Partial Name and/or partial address match could not be eliminated. Police verification on the Candidate is recommended in cases tagged as Possible Record Found.
3 Record Found Exact case found against the Candidate as a match is found between the name and address of the Candidate with that of the Case file.

Police Verification

  • The process and data required for Police Verification varies from district to district. Applications cannot be made on incomplete data.
  • The timeline for Police Verification / PCC in undefined and not in the control of InstaVeritas
  • The actual challan fees in borne by the Client and can change from time to time.

Employment Verification

  • Employment Verifications are procured by contacting authorized sources from the Human Resource Department, Accounts/ Finance Department, Proprietors, Partners or any individuals which have been authorized by firms to disclose employee data for verification purposes.
  • Verification requests are made through email or over the telephone or even to procure information on the tenure, designation, remuneration, status of exit formalities and additional feedback on the candidate. The verification source releases candidate details as per their firm defined policies on information release, which does not always constitute the information requested for.
  • A total of 5 attempts on different days are made before categorizing a check as Unable to Validate/ Verify (UTV). UTV cases will be billed.
  • Stop verifications would not constitute a verification colour code, unless the same has been completed prior to the check being stopped. Such cases would be billed.
  • InstaVeritas processes all verification protocol as per its internal defined standards of compliance. Any client specific processing instructions, if provided would supersede the same and be processed in accordance.
  • In the absence of a response from the designated points to procure verifications; such requests would be re-routed to candidate’s erstwhile supervisor, details of which have been provided by the candidate itself.
  • If written verifications could not be procured despite all attempts; InstaVeritas would procure the verification verbally.

Education Verification

  • Education verifications are procured from the Controller of Examinations Department, Results department, Principals office, Placement officers department, head of faculty / department official college/ university websites or from any individuals or collaborated third parties which have been authorized by institutions to disclose Student data for verification purposes on their behalf.
  • Education Verifications can either be procured:
    • Online: A digital trace of the mark sheet or degree is available online and used as proof for verification.
    • Written: Responses from verifying authorities either on the letterhead of the institutions or by providing an official stamp onto a copy of the documents submitted to indicate the same has been cross- referenced
    • Verbal: Verification of degree / marksheet by providing only part information and fecthing complete Candidate degree information.
  • Universities and Colleges charge actual fees to process verification requests. This cost will be billed as actuals and borne by the Client. These costs may vary as per the institute.
  • Universities and colleges have undefined timelines to respond to verification requests.
  • Universities / institutes may take an undisclosed/undefined timeframe to investigate cases if they suspect the information/documentation to be tampered with. InstaVeritas has to adhere to the same to be able to procure such information.

If you have questions or concerns about the terms and conditions, please contact the Grievance Officer of Instaveritas

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